International Conference of Biophysics Students is organized by Biophysics Students' Association "Nobel" for the sixth time this year, but overall it is the eighth edition of Biophysics Students' Conference. In the first two editions, only students from Poland were participating. After the second Nationwide Conference, we decided to make our conference international to enable students from all over the Europe to share their scientific interests. It turned out to be a great idea!

You can find out more about previous editions by visiting conference photo gallery

During the conference, all the presentations are usually split into four main scientific areas which the conference addresses. These are:

  • microscopy
  • spectroscopy
  • molecular modeling and bioinformatics
  • medical biophysics

Each session is opened by an invited scientist famous for their achievements in the field of science. After the lectures and presentations, there is always time for a party. Participants can get to know each other in a less formal atmosphere.


The registrations is now closed.